Arbitration and mediation can be excellent alternatives to litigation. At FRW, we know that the right outcome for your arbitration or mediation is all about the experience, intelligence, and credibility of the neutrals you select. FRW's A-Team neutrals are skilled at facilitating creative solutions to complex disputes. They pursue truly MERIT BASED outcomes that make good business sense, not just compromises that push both parties towards the middle.

In addition to our excellent neutrals, FRW Group provides complete case management and administration. порно Our first-rate caucus facilities are conveniently located in downtown Atlanta. Our amenities include high-speed internet access, first-class catering and valet parking, all at a reasonable price-point.

If you want Atlanta's A-Team neutrals for your arbitration or mediation, FRW Group is who you need to call. So settle with the best, come to Closure.

About FRW Group FRW Group is a full service Mediation and Arbitration company founded in 2004 by President and CEO Dean Kolbinsky, and Chief Operating Officer Michael Fuller. FRW maintains an extensive roster of distinguished and respected neutrals with broad-ranging experience across the full spectrum of FRW practice areas. The company provides top quality Mediation and Arbitration services to law firms and clients in Atlanta and the Southeastern US.

The FRW Group Difference

One of the joys of mediating or arbitrating with FRW is the quality of the facilities we provide for your sessions. FRW does not maintain suites of expensive and uninteresting offices in which we expect you to work. We have developed partnerships with major luxury hotel chains to provide you with the best accommodations available and everything you need at your fingertips or just a phone call away.

When you book an FRW session with one of our expert neutrals, we automatically arrange every detail to ensure your working environment will be first class and everything happens as simply and efficiently as possible. From the valet parking when you arrive to the superb suites with great views of the city and food and beverages served with excellent service, you will immediately notice the difference at FRW.